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Student Veteran Scholarships

Every year, many Student Veterans must make a decision between continuing their college experience to the end or dropping out.  According to a study conducted by the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Student Veterans of America (SVA), and the National Student Clearinghouse, Student Veterans have a 51.7% graduation rate compared to their non-military counterparts of about 60%.  This deficiency should be startling considering the maturity, determination, and commitment to hard work that Student Veterans bring to the classroom.

This failure to equal or surpass the graduation rate of their younger peers is due to a range of issues from culture shock to the need to work to take care of one's family.  We know that Student Veterans who have the financial resources and the support network they need tend to graduate at higher rates than average, but not all Student Veterans are afforded the same opportunities or resources.

One  of the major reasons Student Veterans leave college is due to finances.  While the GI Bill is a generous program, it was always intended as a supplement to the student and not a program they can depend on to cover all of their expenses.

Another is the difference in culture between the military and college campuses.  Student Veterans often speak of wanting to go back into the military and their regrets of leaving active service.

We can close this deficit by creating financial opportunities through scholarships and grants to Student Veterans who are among those with the most need so they can focus on their school and by encouraging and supporting colleges and universities to provide a place on campus for Veterans to congregate with other Student Veterans.

To accomplish this, we need your help.  Please donate to or contact the Foundation to find out how you can personally assist our Student Veterans.  You have the power to positive impact the lives of Student Veterans in your community!

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